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A good dental practice endeavors to keep a patient’s dental heath in tip top shape through programs of preventative care that include regular checkups and cleanings, proper at home tooth maintenance and the early identification and treatment of any decay or disease that does arise before it turns into an acute or emergency situation. Our 34744 dentist practice tries hard to alleviate all the causes of unexpected dental problems, especially mouth pain.

Mouth pain most often arises suddenly and is severe enough can cause a dental emergency that our
34744 dentist will treat whenever the need arises. The most common cause of mouth pain is decay in a tooth or the roots of a tooth. Decay attacks the tooth’s surface and over time it will form holes in the tooth and create painful spots that may also be sensitive to hot or cold. If the decay gets into the soft core of the tooth, the pulp it will cause an infection in the root, which can be very painful. Often an infection due to decay will cause an abscess, which is usually extremely painful. In cases of advanced decay our doctor will drill out the decayed spots and clean out any bacteria and infection and fill the remaining cavity. If the pulp has been infected our doctor will perform an endodontic treatment. In cases of large areas of decay on the tooth’s surface or with endodontic treatments a crown is usually placed on the tooth to protect it and to restore functionality. If an abscess is present it will be drained and antibiotic medication will be used.

Gum disease can also cause tooth pain because the gum will start to pull away from the teeth and bacteria can get inside the enlarging pocket between them causing pain. Problems within the jawbone are also extremely painful, these maybe the result of an impacted wisdom tooth, advanced periodontal disease or even cancer. Our 34744 dentist will check for each of these more serious causes of mouth pain. If you have pain please call our office for relief at any time.

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